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bits and pieces I've drawn, painted, crafted, etc 



I create original art to base my paint n sip art off of. My goal is to give people a base on which to create their own original art without the pressure to make it just like the example. Too often people are taught that they aren't creative. I believe we are all creative and this is a great way to explore that.


Acrylic paint doesn't really align with my environmental values, but I do my best to lessen the impact of my events through reusable water cups, pallets, brushes, and table coverings, as well as buying paint in larger quantities. 


I would love to do crafting events in the future, too. 


My original design was an impressionist-inspired style, but I found myself frustrated every time I tried painting it. Through this project, I learned that I really love to paint in a more graphic style, so I created the piece that says "Always Learning, Always Growing".


I did not post photos or bring my design to the event. I do not like how often people compare their work to the teacher's or that picture online. I wanted everyone to create something unique, and that's exactly what happened. I truly love every painting they came up with.

I decided to do my first paint and sip as a way of bringing the community together, getting out, and exploring creativity. I interact with both the military community and the non-military community every day here in Kitsap County, but the two are fairly disconnected from each other. Through events like this, I hope to help people branch out a bit. 

Thanks to Shady Jack's and the Young Professionals Network.

paint n sip

Handmade Items

I started selling handmade items in 9th grade on an Etsy shop I shared with my best friend. 


Now you can find my shop right here on this site! I also do custom orders, message me via the contact page.

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