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It was the morning of my best friend's baby shower and I realized that 1. I was in charge of everything and 2. I hadn't bought anything.

Being my Earth loving self, I just couldn't buy a bunch of disposables, so I planned out my morning of hitting up all of the thrift stores in my area.

I ended up finding most of what I needed, aside from a cake serving knife thing. Here is my kit so far!

1. A tub to hold everything- I gave this storage bin a good wash and now the rest of my kit has a way to be transported and stored, clean and safe.

A large, red, 18 gallon storage tub with lid.

2. A tub for dirty dishes- Through my first party with this kit, I found that the bin was just big enough for the dishes/napkins of the 6-10 people who came. My full kit serves 20, so I will need to get a different bin for larger parties. Perhaps one like the green one in my kitchen (seen in my kitchen youtube videos).

Cake, a set of white mugs, drinks, and the dirty dish bin.

Purple bin with handles, full of dirty dishes and napkins.

3. Cake plates, mugs- I wanted to get less breakable items, but finding secondhand plastic dishes that aren't gross can be more challenging, and I didn't have time to spend weeks gathering piece by piece. I decided on mugs as they are more versatile and generally pretty sturdy. I found these little plates that seemed to be similar material to the mugs, and they happened to be a matching set!.

Later on I will gather plates, bowls, and maybe drinking glasses. I hope to find those in bamboo.

Two white mugs, stacked.

A small desert plate with thin red and blue stripes along the edge.

4. Silverware- My dream of having fancy/floral mismatched silverware came true when I found a bin full of it at the Habitat for Humanity store! I got twenty forks, a butter knife, and a few spoons. More spoons/knives and serving utensils to come.

5. Napkins- I also happened to find ten matching cloth napkins that went perfect with the theme of this party, so I got them. I will add more napkins to the collection in the future, as I find them.

White cloth napkins, a stack of plates, three dishes of snacks in front of two jars of silverware.

6. Bulk snacks and dishes- These four bowls match and are made of plastic. They were just the right size to hold snacks. I got all three snacks bulk in my own bags.

7. Cloth or towels to pad breakable items- I bought a soft cloth secondhand to fold between layers of mugs and plates so they don't crash together the whole time the box is being moved. Towels would also work.

The red storage bin with cream colored fleece material inside.

8. Towels- I brought one of my hand towels from home just in case something needed to be cleaned up instead of bringing a roll of paper towel.

A purple hand towel draped over the side of the red bin.

My kit will continue to grow and I'll probably share it again in the future. As a bonus, I will keep reusable party decor in the box, too. I was able to thrift these (I got two of the silver thingies)

A silver balloon weight- metallic streamers and stars come out of it. A roll of white ribbon.

If you put together your own reusable party kit, tag me on Instagram @amberthest as I would love to see it!


*Note- Some of the items at the party were out of my control- this party was a collaboration and I will not force anyone to use only 'eco-friendly' things.

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