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“Zero Waste” often seems to be a luxury. A hobby for those with a bit of extra time and money. While adopting a completely “zero waste” lifestyle may not be practical for everyone, it’s my goal to help make it more accessible.

I often write “zero waste” in quotes because even the people who fit all of their trash in a jar create waste. There isn’t really such a thing as zero waste. It’s a nice goal, but not realistic.

My goal is a green life. At one point it may just mean using a bamboo toothbrush and reusable shopping bags, and later deciding to only buy second hand clothing. You don’t have to change everything at once to live a green life.

In my posts, I will focus on reusing and reducing, rather than buying expensive replacements for things. While buying a pricey item upfront may save money in the long run, I recognize that not everyone can afford that.

I aim to create a community where it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay if not everything you do or use is green. The positive things you do add up. I don’t want anyone here to feel like a failure or that they should give up.

Hi, I'm Amberthest

I started a blog (Dreaming Green) in 2015 when I did a project in high school about plastic pollution in the oceans. I had always cared about the environment before, but only as much as your average person who recycles and doesn't litter. That was the extent of my knowledge. I grew a passion for the environment that year at Ivy Academy, an environmental charter school.

I'm in the beginning of my own journey of reducing waste, so I'll be posting about all kinds of things relating to what normal people can do in everyday life to lessen their negative impact.

Another thing related to this is that I love is thrifting. Donating and shopping secondhand are great for the environment. I love clothing and I'm planning to do thrifted lookbooks- a combination of video (on my Youtube channel) and blog post.

Notes about my green journey so far:

I've been vegetarian since summer of 2016

I completely quit plastic shopping bags in winter 2016

I quit store-bought lotions, conditioners and lip balm in winter 2016 (recipe from Gittemary)

I stopped using shampoo in December 2016

I learned how to make my own soymilk (avoiding plastic packaging, the cartons milk comes in are not typically recyclable.) in February 2018

I'll be sharing everything I post here and on Youtube on my Patreon, so if you want to follow all of that in one place, head over there (even if you don't pledge any money :)

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