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Amberthest's Art Events



Chattanooga, TN

I create original art for each paint event. My goal is to give people a base on which to create their own original art without the pressure to make it just like the example. This is a great way to explore your creativity regardless of skill level.

upcoming events

All public events will be posted to this Facebook page. Purchase tickets here.

Don't see the event you want? Have a party coming up? See below for details on creating events!

book a private event

Work with me to create a custom event for your party! I will provide all art supplies, do real time step-by-step painting instruction and provide assistance to you and your guests.


For private events of 10 or more, the cost per person is $25. For groups with less than 10 painters, the total cost of the event is $210 (this breaks down to about $24 per person for 9, $26 per person for 8 and so on).


what i've got


20 palettes

20 water cups

An assortment of brushes

3 large drop cloths

A whole bunch of paint



I use reusables whenever possible in an effort to be more sustainable and closer to zero waste.

The paint I currently use is acrylic. If you are worried about messes on clothing, be sure to let your guests know to bring something to cover up or wear something they don't care about getting paint on.

When you talk to me about your event, let me know which painting catches your eye! All the designs I've done so far can be found on this page.

I'm also happy to create something new for you- whether you want a specific item, team logo, or a design based on a favorite photo! 

Check out the Gallery to the right to see existing designs.

Thanks for submitting!

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