Currently NOT accepting new orders on Juice Furbies, but stay tuned!  Also, check out the garage sale coming soon :)



Arm Bone wishes to bless the world with more of her kind. The time is now to adopt a one-of-a-kind cursed baby.



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Once upon a time, Amberthest was talking to their brother on the phone. He was at a shopping mall that he had just run miles to get to. He was famished and needed a drink. Through trial and error, he finally encountered a juice stand. Where he got the most satisfying juice. 

"I would tip that worker $100 if I had that much to give, because this is the best juice I've ever had."

Weeks later, Arm Bone was born in January 2020. She is the first of her kind, inspired by the love of a juice, her soul took the form of a goop and plopped into a cup. 

Click here to watch her birth. 

Click here to visit her Instagram.

Each Juice Furby includes:
A custom vegan faceplate
A cup and straw
Soul Goop
A crochet cup holder
Rubber necklace(s)
And more! I have several little surprises planned to make your custom Furby unique and beautiful. 
If you would like to adopt one, fill out the form to the right.
I will need a deposit of $15USD to start making your furb; a link will be emailed to you for a custom listing after we discuss the details of what you want. 
The total price of the furby will be $60USD*, your deposit will be taken out of that. You will pay that once the furb is finished and approved by you! 
*This does not include shipping. I can give a shipping estimate when we discuss your order. 


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