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I’m a punk, My Little Pony collector, and Furby Parent. My preferred way of making art is traditional- I use a lot of paint, markers and pencils, and then digitize on the computer. I love DIY style and the little bits of imperfection that can come from mixing paper sketches and digital color.

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I'm a nonbinary artist and crafter living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Some of my passions include painting, doodling Furbies, crochet, thrifting, and getting involved in my community (I ran a Queer Clothing Swap when I lived in WA and would love to start up something like that when it's not, like, a pandemic). 

Oh, and I also have another blog/Instagram where I post thrifted fashion and DIY:

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-Amberthest (they/them ne/nem/nir)